2015 Brainbusters Solo Tournament

Saturday, May 16, 2015
Geneva HS, Geneva, NY

Entry fee per participating player is $25
All players are guaranteed to play 8 power-matched rounds.
Round 1 is randomly assigned but subsequent rounds are based on results from earlier rounds.  Each round is 35 questions (an increase of five over last year's tournament) but questions will be slightly shorter.
Players who are dominating a round are removed after 8 correct answers and given bonus points, so that everyone has a good chance at answering lots of questions. 

Even the middle school participant who finished last at the Victor tournament last year answered 15 questions over the course of the tournament, meaning everyone got to meaningfully participate.

.The top 8 players after 8 rounds will play in an unlimited-questions final where the first to 15 correct answers wins, although unlike last year there will be a bonus system in place where players will get "headstarts" in points for the final if they had particularly impressive preliminary performances.

Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the top 8 players, plus the top sophomore, freshman and middle schooler who did not make the final 8, plus the Earl Weaver Memorial Award for the player who suffers the most ejection penalties over the course of the preliminary rounds.


OFFICIAL registration will take place on the day of the tournament:  you can just show up, pay your fee, and play

However, anyone who pre-registers before Wednesday May 13 will be entered into a raffle for a $5 discount off the entry fee.
Early registration will also allow us to properly reserve rooms and buzzer systems.

So if you're planning to play,  contact the tournament director Scott Blish at Scott Blish <scottblish@gmail.com>