Invitational Tournament Information

General Rules
1.  Tournaments will feature four games:  two opening games (pairings randomly assigned) followed by a consolation game (pairing the losers from the opening games) and a championship (pairing the winners from the opening games).

2.  Host schools are responsible for payment of the tournament fee, as well as providing space for the games and participating teams.

3.  Game format and rules shall be the same as MasterMinds games, unless the host specifically requests exceptions.  Any changes must be posted on the tournaments page before sign-up begins.

4.  A school wishing to host a tournament must contact the league commissioner.  An application form will be submitted, and after approval, the tournament will then be listed on the tournaments page.  Unless the field is not open enrollment, schools may then contact the host school about signing up.

NOTE:  Applications forms will not be available until after the coach's scheduling meetings.

5.  Non-host schools may check the tournaments page, and may sign-up for a tournament after contacting the host school.

More information to be posted.