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I graduated from Nardin Academy in 2005 as the VP of our Quiz Bowl club.  Jeopardy! happened to jog my memory/curiosity last night, so I went looking for the MasterMinds site.  I was thrilled to find it still alive and well-updated...complete with archives!  I got to relive our crushing playoff defeat from my senior year, haha.  Truly though, I thoroughly enjoyed all of my time in MasterMinds, and it prepared me well for NAQT competitions in college.
Since high school, I've come across a fair number of former MasterMinds participants from various regions. Upon discovering the MasterMinds connection, the conversation unfailingly goes the same way: people get all excited to meet a fellow trivia nerd.
I just loved MasterMinds completely, and it's terrific to see all the teams of kids across the state still loving it the same way I did.
Kristin Cameron, Nardin Academy Class of 2005
Becoming a part of MasterMinds was the best decision I made throughout my four years of high school. As a freshman, I didn't know anybody in the club and I was anxious to join. I felt welcomed as soon as I stepped through the door. I was not only welcomed during practices at my school, but at matches at other schools and by everybody involved with running MasterMinds.
I started paying attention to seemingly "meaningless" details in class, trying to absorb as much as I could for MasterMinds. When I had a practice or match to look forward to, I dragged myself out of bed quicker, rushed to get ready for school, and was more cheerful throughout the day. Most importantly, I met one of my favorite teachers and some of my closest friends as a result of MasterMinds.
I will always cherish the memories we made playing Trivial Pursuit and thinking up random solutions to bonus question. MasterMinds was easily my favorite part of high school.
Jessica Chellino, Depew HS Class of 2016

MasterMinds was a great way for me to get into trivia in a competitive setting and was one of the most fun I've had in clubs in high school. When you and your three teammates are up on the buzzers, you just feel the camaraderie and the team aspect is really what makes the game more fun. If you love trivia, you will love MasterMinds. It's also a great place to not only strengthen friendships but also make new ones by meeting players from all around your region. Also getting the question right off the bat for a fresh 15 points is possibly one of the best feelings in the world.
Cameron Priest, Wayne HS Class of 2015
MasterMinds is an enriching experience that expands your horizons by introducing you to experiences, people, and knowledge you never would have otherwise thought to encounter.  I absolutely recommend MasterMinds to anyone who loves the pursuit of trivia (or Trivial Pursuit.)
Sheldon Lewis III, Olmsted Class of 2016
The MasterMinds program was a bit of a life changer for me. At 16 I had heard quite a bit about this “Jeopardy for teams” through other members of my cross country team, and loathe for the season to end I jumped at the chance to join. The friends I made within the program, both within my own school and from those we played against, undeniably became my closest for the remainder of my high school years. I am still in contact with a few, and would not give up the experience I had for any reason. It is a worthy experience for any skill level, and does well to prepare you for various college bowl and adult trivia leagues going forward.
Elizabeth Marvin, Geneva DeSales HS Class of 2006

I remember when I first joined MasterMinds, I was too shy to buzz in even during after-school practice. When I finally mustered up the courage to buzz in during a match against another school, I literally tasted adrenaline. It may seem odd to think of MasterMinds as intense or exhilarating, but that's how it was for me, and I became hooked. While I grew accustomed to the "spotlight" of the buzzer, it was always a rush for me to nail an early powermark or carry a bonus question for my team. Eventually I became one of the strongest players in my league, and I still feel pride when I consider how much I grew over my 4 years in MasterMinds.
Christian Baker, Williamson HS Class of 2012
Joining the MasterMinds team in my sophomore year was one of the best decisions I made in high school. I have been a fan of trivia from a young age and MasterMinds finally provided me with a place where I could demonstrate my knowledge in a competitive setting. MasterMinds not only improved my academics, but my leadership and organizational skills from being the president and captain of our team for two years. Additionally, MasterMinds introduced me to some of my closest friends from other schools that participated in MasterMinds in both the Rochester and Albany regions. MasterMinds is an excellent program that I would recommend to anyone looking to learn more, make new friends, be competitive, and have fun.
Reagan Patrowicz, Canandaigua HS Class of 2018

Becoming more involved with MasterMinds in my Sophomore year was one of the best decisions I made in High School. That year, I formed close relationships with those on the "JV" team and we began to learn each other's strengths and weaknesses. By the time we were upperclassmen, MasterMinds had taught us how to balance everyone's best traits to hide our worst and create the greatest benefit for the team as a whole. This type of team-building has served me time and time again, both in college courses and in the workplace. Outside of skills gained is just how purely enjoyable it is to play a match; I always looked forward to the third Thursday of every month. MasterMinds will always be one of my most cherished memories of High School.
Kyle Thaine, Albion HS Class of 2016